Over 250 recipes a month
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Over 250 recipes a month
from just £2.99*

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*  Price is based on a standard 5 recipe box for 4 people with a subscription, excluding £3.99 delivery. First recipe box in Britain to serve 1 to 5 people” claim is based on a comparison against at least 10 other recipe boxes on the date the claim was first made in November 2023. The full details of this comparison can be found hereOur “No.1 recipe box for choice” claim is based on Gousto having more recipes available on the weekly menu than other recipe boxes delivering to the same regions in Great Britain as Gousto. The full details of this comparison can be found here: verification of choice

See how eating Gousto could reduce your carbon emissions by 23% here: carbon emissions

Discounts advertised on this page are applicable for new Gousto customers only.

Over 143 million meals
cooked and loved




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From just £2.99 per portion*


Choose from over 75 tasty recipes every week

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Your Gousto box will be packed with all the fresh, quality ingredients you need to cook your chosen recipes (except for basics like oil and salt) including chilled produce, fresh veg, herbs, spices and sauces, as well as:

  • Printed recipes cards with step-by-step instructions (these are fully recyclable, or you can store them in your Gousto folder to make again).
  • Eco-friendly insulation made with recycled and recyclable cardboard with ice packs (keeping your food chilled until you get home).
  • Any extras you might have added from Gousto Market such as desserts, drinks or kitchen cupboard staples.

What will I receive in a Gousto box?

How does a Gousto subscription work?

  • How often you get a box delivered (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • What day your box arrives at your address (delivered any day of the week)
  • How many recipes you get in your boxes (2 to 5 recipes)
  • How much of each recipe you need (1 to 5 portions)

Your Gousto subscription is super flexible and works around your weekly routine.
You decide:

You have total control, with the ability to change your settings, skip a delivery or pause your subscription anytime you like.

How will my food be delivered?

We work with vetted courier partners to get your box to you safe and sound, wherever you are around the UK. Thanks to our Eco Chill cool box, you don’t need to be home for your box to be delivered. Just give us a safe place to leave it, and it will be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Our Eco Chill cool box has been thoroughly tested to make sure it keeps your ingredients at exactly the right temperature. It’s made with recycled and recyclable paper, and since launching it in 2020 we’ve saved over 480 tonnes of plastic!

How many people does a box feed?

Choose from 1 to 5 person boxes.

I’m a beginner cook, is Gousto right for me?

Absolutely! Gousto recipes are designed to suit every level of cook, from beginners up to seasoned chefs. The step-by-step instructions on your printed recipe cards are a breeze to follow and guarantee mouthwatering meals every time.

If you’d like to ease yourself in, our Prepped In 5 range and 10-Min Meals come with prepared ingredients like garlic and ginger paste, cubed butternut squash and quick cook spaghetti. Even the meat is cut for you.

Or if you’re looking to upskill, our global cuisines are a great way to introduce yourself to new ingredients and techniques you might never have tried before.

How will Gousto help me be more sustainable? 

Our sustainability goal is for every meal to leave the world better off. Here’s the difference you can make by switching from supermarkets to Gousto boxes:

  • Cut your carbon footprint by 23%†. In 2022 we shrank the UK’s carbon footprint by 60,000 tonnes.
  • Eliminate your food waste with pre-measured ingredients. Together we saved 22,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill in 2022 alone.
  • Give meat-free a go. On average, 39% of our weekly menu is veggie or vegan, so you can reduce your meat intake without compromising on flavour.

To find out more about our sustainability initiatives and read our 2022 Impact Report, head to our blog.

How many recipes are in a box?

Choose from 2 to 5 recipes per box.

Over 143 million meals cooked and loved


We’re the first recipe box in Britain to serve 1 to 5 people.*


Cooked in as little as
10 mins with easy-to-use 
recipe cards

Healthy choices 
with 20+ recipes 
a week under
600 calories

Family classics suitable 
for fussy kids

Flexi, veggie or vegan

Suitable for all diets

Gluten-free and
dairy-free options


Cooked in as little 
as 10 mins with 

easy-to-use recipe cards

Flexi, veggie or vegan

Suitable for all diets

Gluten-free and
dairy-free options

Family classics suitable 
for fussy kids

Healthy choices with 20+ recipes a week under 600 calories

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